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Hey guys;

First of YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! for two reasons. Only I can only tell you one :P. The one I can tell you is YAY Uncy ( don't ask James, eh Alex?) James has internet, so he has no excuse not to talk to me anymore :P!
Second. Well... You guys will find out in all due time.

Alex, in response to your question, I feel the exact same way at times. I am afraid of a domino effect myself. I have people leaning on me, but I am also leaning on other people ( i.e. Rocky, Stephen, John, Stevey, Haley, Heather, Riley, Kayla, Casey, James, I think I should stop the list now, ) And even they lean on others. We eventually get back to God, whom we all lean on, and we need to realise that He can never fall down.
You will never be an insignificant stone. A passage in the bible says when God speaks : Jacob you worm, Isreal you insect! God is not calling them names, mearly stating that compared to Him they are small, yet just as important. So we are worms and insects. I don;t know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me.
So, if we are all leaning into the center of the mountain ( God) we can not fall over, and the burden is our own and his. Sure it can be abit stressful, but whenever someone helps another with their problems, it brings both those people closer to God.

Also, life has been much better now, despite wanting to put my brother's heads through the walls for ruining some of my art ( *tear* Two hours worth of work and BAMM my brother unplugs the computer on me. Bye bye art. And may the sketch book they ruined RIP.)

I hope that helps
Love Ya
God Bless
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