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Its that time of year again: Lent

Lent: the fourty days before Easter. What's it all about? When I was younger, I just thought Lent was giving up candy...suffering...for fourty days. When I was younger, I didn't take my Lent promises seriously. I gave up sugary sweets, but my aunt introduced me to WHITE hot chocolate... yeah.... i couldve waited about twenty more days... but i was selfish and childish. Now that I'm older and more into my faith than ever... I made a real promise... and am keeping it. Lent has just started, and I'm set on keeping my promise... it won't be easy: no more gossip and telling myself i'm not beautiful. But... when you think of it... giving up something like sweets or gossip... is NOTHING compared to what Christ suffered. Fourty days in the desert, no food or water, then, getting back from the desert to be betrayed by one of his closest friends, arrested, BEATEN, Denied by his "rock", made to carry his own cross up a rocky hill with no shoes on his bloody feet, no glass of water, nothing except the whips of the romans and the mixed cries and jeers from the crowd of jews, his own people who he loved so much, then finally, nailed to the cross, not with those little nails you find at the hardware store, these nails were literally spikes, then dying one of the most horrible deaths. Now... tell me... isn't that worth a little bit of gratitude? DUH! Think about that next time you hear of the next biggest scandal at your school, that white hot chocolate may look tempting, but there will always be white hot chocolate, and gossip (even though gluttony and gossip are bad, we're all human right?) wait that fourty days, Jesus is totally worth it.

Love you all tons and am constantly praying for you!

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