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Hello : Question of the Day

I want to send a question out there to those who have been leaders, or have felt ths way. Has anyone ever placed their trust in you. I mean, trusting you to help lead them down the right path? I have had trust in me, and at times, I still feel like I am spinning around in a whirlpool, not the rock that juts out, leafs and twigs clinging to it. But, I have been made into a rock, and I am scared I'll crumble. Now that I think about it, what abou those that I lean on, will I cause them to crumble by all the leafs on me? It's my question of the day, because I need help knowing the answers.
When I post questions for people, I'll let them know it is the question of the day in the tittle. You can either comment your replies or post going RE: Question. It makes things easier.
On a lighter note, the term wwJd has expanded to wwJJJESSSRMd? Curtiosy of Alexandra :P And it's wonderful that FAIB is doing well, after all, we all want it to explode really, not just James. But please don't let it be in Amanda's locker when it happens! And if it is, my personal request is for you all to help her clean her books and such :P

God Bless
Love you all always,
~Erin K.
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