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Snow day: Erin's words

First off everyone,
We all love you Heather. We love you more then you realise and you are in all of our prayers. Without you, alot of us would be lost. A story about Heather, that I absolutly love.

In my grade ten year ( heather's graduating ) I was extremly down one day, and I remember how one friend knew how much Heather meant to me, so he helped me find her. When I did, she didn't judge me, she didn't insult me for crying. She just held me and spoke to me words of wisdom. " When you love someone, you will feel hurt when you loose them, but you have to remember all the good times you had with that person, and it will help you heal. And pray. Always pray."

Heather, you are wearing blinders that you can not see the world around you, so it seems to some of us, yet you must take them off, and turn your eyes away from the sorrow and darkness, because God's light is calling you. Your doorway may be dark, yet you just need to find the lightswitch again.

We all love you.

It was a snow day today, and Alexandra and I spent the afternoon talking to John. Though some of it was comical ( *shudder* NO INCEST JOHN ) some of it was serious ( The meaning of Gentleman.... ). It made us feel better, and I know it made Alex feel better. I know he is an amazing person, because he doesn't shaddow the truth. If someone is insulting you he will tell you the truth. And for that, we're blessed to have him.

Love you all
God Bless

PS : No... I wasn't good enough for the talent show, just for being in the choir of it. But I am still singing at the NET coffeehouse.
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