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Alright, I know I usually post happy stuff, but today has just been a load of * insert your manure choice here*. I missed my bus this morning after getting half an hour sleep, got kicked out of my locker and got yelled at by my principal all before 1st period. In 1st, I broke my mouse ( I was in computers) in second I forgot my lines ( drama) Lunch my friend ( Casey) messed up his knee. Had a choir practise and sang the wrong notes. They blocked Deviantart from the school system and it'll take some time for me to hack past it. And then history : POP QUIZ. yay. Science : Failed another test, JOY. Forgot my hat and mits in casey's locker and felt like driving the school bus off the cliff.
Yeah. My day in a nutshell, other then the fact, my friend showed me her bag of pot and I got a craving for it. I used to smoke it, now I am trying to be clean and she's not helping at this moment. On top of that. Guess what. I am now dateless to my semi formal ( No hard feelings though buddy ). Anybody wanna watch me take a hammer to a wall? It would be better then trying to run my fist through it I suppose.

On a better note, Kayla, I'm still praying for Jim, and I'm hoping Heather that your feeling better. and ALEX. Feel better. Don't make me maul you with hugs today.

Love you all
God Bless ( I wonder where He was today...)

PS : best thing today : one less day until TEC (59 days)
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