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New Years : Looking back on 2005

Hey Everybody.

It's about one hour after the clocked turned to 2006, and now I am sitting here, thinking. This past year has been... wow. AMAZING. I look back on it now, and so many happy memories are there amoung the sad ones.
In this past year, I have changed so much, and I know most of faith family agree with me here when I say this : It has been for the better. Now, I openly am happy. I openly shed tears. I openly praise our lord and our God... So much has changed.

New years last year : I was so unhappy.. I was so angry at the world for so many different things. I was 'alone'. I didn't realise that there were so many people so close by that loved me. That could love me. I was a lost child, wandering in the darkness, not knowing which way was the right way.
Sure I went to church, but it meant nothing. I did stuff with the youth group, yet it still meant nothing. Then... Salt and Light. That MEANT something.
Over the past few months, I have changed upside down. I smile. I laugh. I am unashamed of my past. Because God helped me heal. It doesn't matter if you know the whole story, it only matters is that I have been so joyous in welcoming God this past year. 2005 has been my favourite year of life so far.
I can honestly not answer anything to how it has made me worse. If this is bad, the way I am now. Hell. I never want to be good then.

I ask you to think : How has this past year affected my life? How has it changed me? How has it made me worse? Just think about it. Above is my thoughts on looking back on 2005. And I can say, they are great thoughts to me personally.

Love you all
Happy New Year
Erin K
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