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Spilling : VOICE

Hey everyone.
I have decided it is time to tell you guys about the newest project that I have been in. But it's not a project, its something much more.

As of december 20th 2005, a small organization was created and has been growing. it is called Voice. It was started in my highschool at St Patricks, in Tbay. Voice is a group of teenagers that raises awareness against abuse towards young people in homes and schools. Alex is part of it as well. Did you know that there are 54 cases out of every 1000 that are reported, yet not even 10% of all cases are reported? That's over 540 children/teenagers out of 1000. More then half the child population. That to much. One is to much.

Voice gives a voice to those who don't have one. Actually, as of today, it means : Violence Opposed In Children's Enviroment. We're an acronym :) If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions that can help out Voice, such as poster Ideas, or film ideas of anything, let me know! Love you all!

God Bless
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